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If not altered or damaged, we will repair or replace any new Powermover free of charge for one year from the date of purchase.


MAXIMUM TRACTION IS KEY  Since 85% to 93% of your trailer’s weight is typically centered over its axles, dolly traction is of key importance.  That is why we utilize 4-ply diamond stud tires and use more of them than anyone else.  The more tires you have, the more traction you attain.  Moreover, since our dollies generally attach further underneath most trailers, more weight is put onto them, giving you even more critical traction.   Handles also fold up for tight storage.  Our AC dollies operate in forward and reverse.  Don’t damage your lift jack by using it as a means of attaching your trailer to your trailer dolly.  WHERE A DOLLY WON’T WORK

Electric dollies cannot get traction on pea gravel or sand.  Dollies shouldn’t be used on grades in excess of 15 percent (a 15 foot rise over 100 feet)


Michael Routen

8:02 PM (38 minutes ago)to me
Hello, the dolly has worked amazingly!  I need to get the tubes replaced for 2 of the tires.  Is there anyone in my area that could do it?  Or is best to ship the wheel assembly back to you?  I am in the Dallas Ft. Worth area.  Thank you Mike R

We purchased an AC powermover for our 22′ travel trailer (3,800 pounds) sometime around August 2010.  The mover has been fantastic – we used it every time to pull  out and return our trailer from our driveway parking, but now we are selling our camping trailer, so we no longer have a need for the mover.  I was checking it and the paperwork from when we bought it, but I cannot find the model number.  Any chance you have the sales records from 2010 when we bought it to give us the model number so we can refer to it when selling it?  Any suggestions for where to sell it other than Craigslist or ebay?  Any help would be greatly appreciate.  

THANKS SO MUCH, AGAIN, BRADY, FOR YOUR HELP, UNDERSTANDING MY NEEDS AND DELIVERING A GREAT PRODUCT!  MIKE DEE Can you tell me how much a new trailer coupler is? Thank you Charlie Coiner I have an AC10 Power Mover and LOVE IT!  However I need another coupler.  I accidentally left the old couple on my Toy Hauler when I sold it.

George Weinand  gweinand@neurowaves.com

Hello Brady, we moved the trailer over the DG and grade and it went perfect. Thanks again for your great power mover, its the best


p 21, 2019, 5:45 PM (17 hours ago)to me, brady.hallHello Brady,My name is Jay Stollenwerk.  I live in Orlando FL.Back in 2013 you custom built a powermover for my 21' bass boat tandem trailer.  I love the AC5 model and use it every week.  My concern is that now the unit is beginning to show wear.  If the unit were to fail, I would have a very big problem because I would be unable to move the boat out of the way for the cars in the garage, etc.
Given that I am in Florida, I am wondering if it makes sense for me to buy critical replacement parts?  

  • Electric motor w/ shaft and cog
  • Tire/wheel assembly (tires are severely worn)
  • Chain  
  • Coupler that is attached to the trailer (showing rust)

What do you think of this approach?  I attached a few pictures for reference, but can provide more specifics.  
Thank you!Attachments area

  • Keith Wall 

I own a model AC5 (all yellow model), three wheel, 1/4 hp AC dolly which I purchased about 10 years ago for my flats boat and trailer.  I just sold the boat and the coupler which was bolted to the trailer for the last 10 years left with it.  The new owner of boat did not need or want to purchase the dolly so I plan on putting the dolly up for sale.  I need a price for a replacement coupler so I can provide the info to the buyer.  The coupler was probably a little larger than 2  inches in diameter and the solid male end on the dolly is slightly smaller than 2 inches in diameter.  When quoting the price, please include approximate shipping cost to Florida.  By the way, one the AC5 is one of the best accessories I ever purchased for my boat and trailer, never a problem in 10 years and a definite back saver.

Jim Eulo

I received the machine today. Yellow freight could not deliver to house, had meet the driver with semi trailer at Walmart parking lot to transfer to my trailer.  They are not capable of home delivery.
At any rate, the machine delivered our trailer to the required spot without struggle or incident.  Is as described, functions well, rugged as hell.

Good show old man!

Have a merry Christmas and happy New Year

The dolly you sent me in Feb. ’16 is great.  I used it just a little when my boat came out of storage in April.  The real test was in May, up north, with a new garage built for my boat, much new asphalt, and a confined space – about a 40’x 50′ area I needed to turn the boat around in to back into the garage.  My rig is just under 30′ long.  The asphalt came out to a very reasonable pitch, between 5 and 6% in all areas that I tested it (I was worried it would be more like 8 or 9%).  I appreciate the time you took to help plan my dolly properly and help me understand what to look for with the finished asphalt.  With my family and my in-laws as an audience, the dolly easily pulled the trailer up and across the grade, was spun around and backed into the garage.  Wasn’t much of a show for them, it only took 2 or 3 minutes!

Custom Built Electric Trailer Dolly

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Longer handles


We often use longer handles for clearance issues, traction, and leverage

On Grades


Placing the coupling point further back on trailer gives dolly more weight hence traction.

DC Dolly with Hydraulic Lift


Hitch Ball raises with a remote switch

Made here


Fifth Wheel Dolly


Good for trailers up to 12,500 pounds